Age Smart Facial with Micro Spot Treatment

This treatment is used for anti-aging benefits. Products from Dermalogica’s Age Smart line are used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while overall increasing the general appearance of even skin tone and texture. Each treatment includes Microdermabrasion for an extra exfoliation and smooth finish. 

Time : 45 Minutes                 Price: $75

Blemish Relief Facial with Micro Spot Treatment

This treatment is geared towards Acneic skin. Each facial uses products from Dermalogica that treat and prevent blemishes while calming and hydrating your skin as well. Extractions and Micro spot treatment will cleanse your skin and leave it feeling refreshed and smooth post treatment.

Time: 45 Minutes                   Price : $75

Sensitive Skin Relief Facial

This facial is specifically designed for clients with extra sensitive skin. All products used are hydrating and soothing and will help to heal and combat redness or any signs of  Rosacea. Micro spot is performed as well.

Time: 45 Minutes            Price: $75

Signature Facial

Pamper yourself with a luxurious treatment using products made with rich and healing ingredients. Each facial includes Steam with Oxygen infiltration, Exfoliation, Extractions if needed, Masque depending on skin type, Massage and Sinus point decongestion as well as a Microdermabrasion treatment. Your Skin will be Hydrated, Smooth and Glowing.

Time: 40 Minutes            Price: $55


Customized Dermalogica Facial

Products used for this facial will be customized based on your specific skin type, needs and goals. Each facial includes extractions and microdermabrasion.

Time: 45 Minutes            Price: $75

Customized Peel

This treatment includes a customized peel based on personal skin type analysis. Whether your goal is anti-aging, over all brightness or evening your skin tone and reducing blemishes, peels have amazing benefits for your skin and the results are instantly gratifying.

Time : 45 minutes              Price: $75